How To Grow Your Twitter Followers Fast

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How To Get New Followers To Take Action With Your Direct Messages On Twitter 

Social media marketing is a powerful way to build your brand and increase sales. Twitter was written off and unappreciated as a SMM powerhouse for a couple of years in favor of shiny new objects, but it’s still a very powerful platform. Here’s how to benefit from your messages. Being a user of Twitter since the beginning, I have seen a lot of changes. Millions of people have come and gone. Many people have moved on to video first social media platforms, such as YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok and others went on to Instagram and Pinterest, but the fact remains that over 300 million people still use Twitter. 

This number is growing as Twitter has worked diligently to bring more features to the social media platform. They are also the creators of Periscope and it’s easy now to embed videos into your Twitter feed. Just this past week, Twitter made the “notifications” easier to read with larger icons of the users who are retweeting and liking. Twitter notifications have changed Have Tweets lost power? I love Twitter and throughout the years I’ve made the most money from this platform. But, I have to warn you: Tweets don’t have as much clout as they used to. I pretty much won’t read a tweet unless it has a photo. That’s probably just because I watch my feed all day long and have gotten lazy in reading just text. Another thing is that so many people have become savvy content marketers on Twitter, that if your tweet doesn’t have the best, catchy titles, you will be overlooked. 

Some tweets that still do great are: 

- Business Success Quotes 

- Beautiful Landscapes 

- Surveys 

- Videos from TikTok and Periscope 

- Crazy animated GIFs 

- Cute Animals 

- Legitimate Reviews 

So, tweets still work for social media marketing, but if you only have 200 followers you probably won’t notice a ton of people retweeting you. Over the years of consistently following and unfollowing people with the Crowdfire App, I have amassed over 200,000 real followers. “Wow! That’s great!” You might think. But, the reality is I followed a lot of people, but never connected fully with my followers, besides the initial direct message I send out (which I will talk about in a minute) This lack of connection means my followers don’t really know me as well as they could, not like a true celebrity or leader that “attracts” a following instead of just massively following. 

So, was this time and effort on social media a waste of time? Absolutely not. We learn from our mistakes and I try alot harder to interact with my followers nowadays, and the large numbers still do work in my favor. I get 10 to 40 clicks to each of my tweets that lead back to an article on this blog. This might not seem huge, but It adds up. Most new bloggers don’t even get 40 views to their blog all day.

The answer is a resounding YES. See, growing new Twitter followers are the most interested in you the first few minutes they follow you. After a few days they will probably forget about you, unless you’re a huge leader. So, the most important time to say what you want to say is when they immediately follow you. It would take hours a day to manually direct message everyone who followed you. I get maybe 300 to 500 new followers everyday. 

So, Crowdfire is a great app that you can set up and send out a direct message. Here’s a more detailed article how I followed and unfollowed on Twitter Using Crowdfire. How to Use Crowdfire App I Chose their “Earth Plan” because it erases their brand’s signature at the end of your direct message and makes your automated message look “real time from you.” This is a very important detail. People will ignore you much more if they see @crowdfireapp at the end of your direct message linking to your domain name

Creating a Direct Message that people listen to and do whatever you want them to. First, I want to cover what NOT to do on Twitter for social media marketing. So many people waste their most important minutes connecting with a new follower by saying things like this in their direct message: “Thanks for the follow! Please like me on Facebook!” “Thanks for the follow. I don’t use Twitter that much, let’s connect on Facebook!” “Thanks for the follow!” (Why even say this? No one will remember your friendliness two minutes from now and you have no “call-to-action.” And. . . “Thanks for the follow! As a token of my appreciation I have enclosed a link. . .blah, blah, blah.” 

These direct messages simply don’t work anymore, or haven’t worked for the last 6 years. We’ve heard these a million times and they barely work. Yes, you might get 1 out of 200 who do what you want, but why settle for much less than what you could be getting? Why don’t these social media marketing automations work? Because they sound automated! Yes, you need to automate your direct message if you follow a lot of people on Twitter or they follow you, but it doesn’t need to sound robotic. Here’s one of the first direct messages that worked for me: “Thanks! We’re looking for individuals who are success-driven with a desire to make Extra Income: (my opportunity link)” 

Later on, I even took out the “Thanks.” Why did this work? People responded because I got to the point. Don’t worry if you think you sound rude, because in the new technological world of nearly 7 second attention spans (Goldfish have longer attention spans), people are in such a rush that they begin to roll their eyes in about 2 seconds if you don’t get to the point. I have to add, that this message was geared for my network marketing opportunity and I wanted to acquire a ton of sales leads. I worked. I think I got 700 leads from this message and 10 or so upgrades. But, that was the problem with this message. It didn’t build trust because it went right to my lead capture page. 

Messages work a lot better if you can lead them to a video or a blog article, so they can see you, hear you and read you. The next direct message I tried, which was even better, was: “Thanks! I have a new business and I’m looking for partners. Are you open to other business ventures? Here: (my opportunity link)” Again, this was for my network marketing opportunity, but it worked really well. It had an exciting ring to it and it didn’t sound desperate. 

The point is, we need to sound authentic in our direct messages just as much as we speak to our friends and family. If you can personalize your direct message by getting the person’s name into the direct message even better! So, instead of saying “Thanks for the follow!” or “Like my Facebook page!,” knock them off-guard by asking them a real question, like: “Did you get your blog yet? I started mine a couple years ago and it has given me the ability to work from home. 

Read this real quick: (your blog article on MLM business opportunities)” See what I did? I asked them a question like I would if we just met in a coffee shop. Be real. Be transparent. Get to know your followers and their needs and start developing messages for them. Then, A/B test everything you do. Check which messages are working the best and continue doing it to drive traffic and brand awareness on 

Beware that anything you do online will lose its effect after a while. These Twitter messages of mine took a couple weeks to get into high gear, but lost power after a few months. After a couple of years they lost a lot of effectiveness and I had to start tweeting more instead. Keep experimenting. Never leave a message up forever. Also, once in awhile go in and copy and paste your link from the direct message and paste it into a new window on your browser to see if it still works. Social media messaging marketing is a low cost way for entrepreneurs to market their business.

I use Buffer to shorten all my links. It's a beautiful thing. You don’t want your opportunity links to look like a spammy and cheap link. Shrink it down with Buffer, Bitly, or TinyURL to look more legitimate and less sketchy. Nobody wants to click on a massively long, tacky, and spammy link. Or just pay $10-20 and buy a beautiful and professional custom domain name that redirects to your specific business website. You can always change where the custom link goes in the future if needed, so it will be well worth the $20 per year renewal fee. 

Twitter is still one of the most powerful social media platforms. Since I schedule about 20 tweets a day that lead back to my blog, a quarter of my blog traffic comes from Twitter. It also has made me thousands in affiliate and network marketing commissions. It can do the same for you! Thanks for reading! Please share this post and comment on social media (especially Twitter) if you found it to be useful, make sure to post the link! It will help others grow their Twitter followers fast!