Top 7 Best MLM Companies For 2023 Profit Potential

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Want to start a business for low startup costs and with unlimited earning potential? Multi-level marketing (MLM) is that low-cost and high upside business model you've been looking for as a frugal entrepreneur. Also known as network marketing, MLM lets you sell valuable products or services while building a downline team that is your key to that elusive passive income and increased revenue streams in 2022. 

The MLM business model for a distributor doesn't require finding investors or doing fundraising, and you can bootstrap the negligible startup costs yourself with one week's paycheck or side hustle gig. You can literally start a six or even seven figure potential network marketing business for just a few hundred dollars or less and low monthly fees with most MLM companies. That is an unbeatable opportunity in 2022 where many businesses and industries are floundering or failing. Want to work from home or travel often? No problem with network marketing!

But which MLM company is the best? What network marketing business should you join? We answer that below in our network marketing guide to the top MLM businesses in the industry today for plentiful profit potential in 2022 and 2023.

Top 7 Best MLM Companies For Profit Power 2022-2023

1. Herbalife

As a health and wellness MLM company, Herbalife is a global success and a representatives can be found in nearly every reach and corner of the earth. Helping to make people see the good in living a healthier happier life, Herbalife MLM has seen amazing success rates for quite some time in the network marketing industry, especially with their new lines of CBD products. The products and results speak for themselves and is sure to spread the success for years to come for this publicly held top MLM company. If you want a safe network marketing business for 2022, Herbalife is as sure of a thing as you can get in the MLM industry.

2. Oriflame 

As a multi-level marketing beauty company with more than 50 years of history in the direct sales market, Oriflame maintains their stance as being a company without comparison. Oriflame offers high quality products with safety reassurance and maintains this year after year. The top-ranked direct selling company also has shown great adaptability as they remain relevant to today’s latest trends and fashions. Believing that you do your best when you feel and look your best, Oriflame has set out on a path of successfully enriching people’s lives in 2022 and beyond. 

3. Avon 

With over 130 years of experience, it’s no surprise that Avon finds itself as one of the leading network marketing beauty and skincare brands in the world. Offering a plethora of skincare, beauty items, and personal care products, the company has shown great resilience and determination over the years. Avon has always aimed to empower women with a direct sales business opportunity they otherwise may not have, and has found remarkable success as a result. This top MLM company has also shared this success by giving back for those in need and for awareness purposes. 

4. Mary Kay 

When Mary Kay Ash set out to launch her own business, she wanted an opportunity for women to feel comfortable and successful in the business world to be born. She did just that when she launched her cosmetic line that remains one of the top network marketing companies across the globe to this day. As a global enterprise helping to reach women all over the world and help them make a difference in their own lives, Mary Kay is also giving back and making a difference all over the world. It continues to be a top ranked MLM company even today.

5. Valentus 

With a company name meaning ‘to prevail’, Valentus has made a prevailing impact on the network marketing world as a business that seeks to reach all new heights and make itself known in the MLM world. Valentus has seen great success in doing this, as the MLM company offers such a wide array of health and wellness products that it offers something for anyone no matter what stage of their wellness journey they may be. Most of the world drinks coffee, so it is time to tap into that massive market with this leading MLM company in 2022 or 2023. Caffeinate your passive revenue streams with Valentus network marketing!

6. My Daily Choice (MDC) / Hempworx

My Daily Choice (MDC) is a top MLM company that offers a wide variety of popular products like CBD oil, Daily Sprays, vegan dietary supplements, and even a cryptocurrency / forex educational platform called Akashx. My Daily Choice is expanding rapidly around the world due to the increased popularity of CBD products and crypto. This well-rounded MLM company deserves your attention and consideration for 2022.

7. David Allen Capital (DAC) / Bank Breezy

David Allen Capital in association with Bank Breezy offers merchant cash advances for qualifying small businesses. SMBs can apply for up to $25,000 in an MCA within 24 hours of loan approval. DAC also now offers customer financing for large product purchases as well. David Allen Capital and Bank Breezy is a top MLM business opportunity for 2022 if your niche or audience is in the business real and not the health, fitness, or fashion field.

More Top MLM Companies Coming Soon In 2022

There are many other top MLMs to consider as well such as LiveGood and Amway, but these are some of the most dependable and proven network marketing companies in the industry today. But keep researching and checking back to this article, because there are new network marketing businesses launching and pre-launching each month in 2022 and 2023!

MLM Mistake Minimization: 5 Business Blunders To Avoid In Network Marketing

It's tough taking the plunge and committing to an MLM company. I was a little worried myself when I joined my current MLM company, but there is a lot that I have learned about the Direct Selling industry since then. People do make mistakes though in network marketing and direct sales, especially since they are starting a new profession. Yes, network marketing is a true and legitimate profession that brings in over $137 Billion dollars in gross sales last year alone. The MLM biz is larger than the NFL and the movie industry. It’s time to take it seriously and treat it as a viable option to job-replacing residual income. But, let’s prepare ourselves starting out in this profession the right way. People who join network marketing are usually very excited and they want to share the opportunity right away, but that’s like handing the keys to a Lamborghini to a 15 year old. 

Network marketing is a powerful vehicle, like the Lamborghini. It can earn someone as much money as they are willing to make. It is the greatest profession in our free, capitalistic enterprise that has no upstart risk. If you don’t want to continue as a home-based entrepreneur in your network marketing company you simply cancel your monthly autoship order of MLM product. 

Let’s see what mistakes new network marketers make as they build their MLM business venture: 

Rejection Is A Normal Part Of MLM

First thing an excited new network marketer wants to do is tell everyone they know about these awesome new products and the financial freedom they can have if they just join NOW. This is like the 15 year old revving up the engine and everyone watching is worried. This is when the sponsor who brought the new network marketer in needs to train them in how to speak, because MLM is a language and there is no selling in this language if it’s spoken properly. Rejection can be prevented if the sponsor teaches the new distributor how to prospect properly. The days of having a new distributor create a “List” of their 25 closest friends and family that might do well in the business are over. It’s okay that your broke uncle and crazy step-mom don’t join your business. They are broke and crazy for a reason. Go after the people you want in your business. It’s your business, you can pick and choose who you want in it. There are way better prospects online who are looking for the type of opportunity you offer. Attracting prospects to you online takes time, but is more rejection free than prospecting in person. This is what rejection feels like in the MLM business.

To be honest, I didn’t want to prospect anyone I knew personally. I was from an introverted family and all my old friends were losers. I made a big life-change and moved across the U.S. and didn’t know anyone in Austin. So, the internet was my choice. It took some time testing methods online to get interested prospects seeing my opportunity. Fortunately, I had been promoting my ebooks online for a year and affiliate links for a year when I stumbled upon network marketing. I knew a little about tweeting my links without sounding too spammy, but anyone can do this. It just takes consistency and a strong desire to succeed.  

Rejection is integral with prospecting, even the best MLM leaders get rejection but it can be treated with indifference, like a waitress asking customers if they want more coffee. Some will want more, some won’t, so what. It’s not a personal attack on the waitress and that goes for network marketers prospecting. Go through the numbers, sift through the sand to find the gold nuggets of leaders and never look back.

Getting Stuck In MLM Management Mode 

When we do finally create a team of distributors in our MLM downline, some of us get stuck in management mode. We stop bringing in fresh people, the lifeblood of our business, and go into management mode. Management mode is basically micro-managing people and doing things for them that they could do themselves, which creates co-dependency. I am guilty of this, especially in my first year of network marketing. I created blogs for people, I created Twitter accounts for people and I spotlighted my leaders on my own websites. This is actually a horrible thing to do because the person you’re helping instantly eases up on their own efforts of building a business when they see you helping them. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to find the path of least resistance, and a sponsor doing almost everything for the new distributor would fit that bill. Of course you want to start the new distributor off on the right foot and answer questions they might have, but let them show you that they are serious by their actions. If they say they’re going to blog once a week and shoot a video and you don’t see anything from them, then they might just be bluffing or stalling. 

Keypoint: Work with the downline people who want to work, which is shown through action in their own MLM product sales and recruiting.

Discouragement Happens In Network Marketing

Discouragement and even depression can set in after the “honeymoon” stage of MLM wears off in the first six months to a year in your home-based business. Many new network marketers jump ship and go to the next MLM company, or quit altogether. It is imperative to keep in contact with your new distributors and check in with them. Ideally, if they were initially presented the opportunity properly and told about the time frame for becoming successful in network marketing to be 2 to 5 years, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, than the new distributor would have a better perspective on the venture. Keep them plugged into the training and testimonial calls from your company. This will keep their enthusiasm elevated. The longer you sustain someone’s optimism, the quicker they will become leaders themselves. When in doubt, learn more about direct selling and MLM recruiting. If you feel stuck, read positive books on success, network marketing and self-development. My first six months I watch every training video on YouTube. I downloaded over 30 eBooks on network marketing and I tuned in to the weekly testimonial calls. Do what you have to do to stay in the MLM in 2022. You will never fail in network marketing if you don’t quit. 

Branding Your MLM Company, Not Your Personal Brand  

The biggest mistake I instantly see when scanning profiles on social media, Twitter especially, are people branding the company their in rather than themselves in 2023. Network marketing is a people business and people want to join people, not a logo of a company. There are thousands of profiles on social media like this and who would join one of these? There is no personality, no person behind it and thousands of them look identical. Be a person who people want to join. Be a leader that people want to join so they feel secure in their decision to join network marketing in the first place. 

When I joined my current business, I researched it thoroughly online. I found a top 100 list and found the company and product I wanted and set out to find a sponsor. I found maybe 10 people on YouTube who were talking about joining their business, which was the company I wanted. I found one guy at the top of the page and I was turned off right away by his baseball cap. I didn’t feel comfortable joining some younger guy wearing a baseball cap. That’s just me, but professionalism is needed in this industry and I found a guy that seemed more my style about 5 videos down. So, it does matter how you present yourself online. I certainly wouldn’t join a person if all they did was spam “Earn $5000 a week for FREE!” 

The internet is flooded with scams and most people can’t tell the difference between a Ponzi Scheme and a legitimate network marketing company. The easiest way to tell if it’s legit is that the company has a consumable product that needs replenishing monthly, this is how re-occurring income happens for us in the profession. A Ponzi Scheme has no product and the company is driven by the commissions of recruiting lots of people, but there’s no product. Bernie Madoff pulled off the biggest Ponzi Scheme in America with scamming billions of dollars off of investors. The Ponzi worked as long as it did because he was always bringing in new investors, whose investments paid the dividends to the investors who were in longer. Know the difference and find a product you love. 

The Grass Is Always Greener, Or So It Seems 

Another issue that plagues new network marketers are other shiny new object opportunities, because the grass is greener in a new MLM company. But, unfortunately the same problems follow you. If you’re unable to grow a business in one, it’s unlikely you will grow a business in a new one, unless you really didn’t like the product in the first one. This mistake ties in with discouragement and depression if your MLM company isn't working out for you, at least not yet. A new distributor gets discouraged and is in limbo and thinks changing companies will be a fast fix, but nothing in business is fast. The only thing you can change to become a successful home based entrepreneur is to change what’s inside of you. No compensation plan is going to instantly make you a millionaire. It takes inside work to change your outside situation. 

Conclusion: Learn And Earn In MLM For 2022-2023

This leads me back to suggesting books on Success and Leadership. A really good classic is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. These books will slowly transform you. The more you learn, the more you earn. Network marketing is one big self-development course, even with Chinese MLM businesses. Of course, in the beginning most people are money motivated, but as they mature within the business they will learn that helping others become successful within MLM is way more satisfying and more profitable. 

Spamming your links is a dead-end. It might work in the short-term, but to build a strong foundation in your home-based MLM business takes being a selfless leader who solves people’s problems, not directly, but through videos or content that can be distributed automatically and effortlessly to thousands of your team members. 

There will be a time when you have so many people on your downline team you will want to do webinars and videos to communicate to them all. You will have teams growing in parts of the world you had never heard of. It is an exciting profession and once your business gains momentum there is no stopping it. You will be set for life and your children can inherit the business. Stay focused and positive with your MLM business strategy, online marketing, product sales, and recruiting. You can only get better, so stick out the tough times by training more and visualizing the end result you desire. I use positive affirmations daily and have my ideal lifestyle pasted as pictures on my vision board. These practices do add up to a complete version of myself that I wanted to become. You will become that leader you look up to as well if you don’t quit MLM in 2023 and continue piling on the profits in the years ahead.