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Mike Schiemer Marketing is looking for experts in the field of digital marketing, SEO, social selling, email marketing, and traditional advertising to submit guest blog posts and sponsored articles. We are an up and coming publication with a lot of potential on the horizon. Write for us right now!

The requirements are pretty simple with a minimum of 600+ words of high-quality unique content that has not been previously published elsewhere. Provide me with a unique image that you own the rights to or I'll use appropriate royalty-free stock images from Pixabay, Pexels, Canva, Unsplash, or similar free image platform. 

Several permanent dofollow links are allowed and I add in some internal links of my own and external links to other websites I own or manage. An author's biography is allowed as well with links to your social media pages, with a small author headshot if desired.

You can include up to 3 permanent dofollow backlinks per post!

Here are some examples of previous guest blogger posts and sponsored blogger articles:

- Top 12 Web Design Trends Of Today 

Guest Posting For SEO Saves You From Backlink Buying Nightmares

There is a reason why guest blog posting is one of the best ways to improve your SEO link-building and referral traffic. Buying backlinks carries risk and a potential horror show of penalties. I’m sure you have your own SEO horror stories. Since I started working with SEO, I’ve heard many of these SEO gaffes. Quite memorable are what happened with major brands like Overstock, WordPress, & BMW. In 2011, Overstock SEO nightmare made them unable to rank their own brand name for 90-gruesome days. They also struggled significantly when they rebranded their name to "O.co" instead of Overstock.com. Google removed BMW from their search engine for three days, but it cost them a loss of traffic of around 100,000 visitors. What a total horror show! Even WordPress once experienced a bloody 48-suffering during their infancy where their Google PageRank plunged to zero. 

What is the moral of the nightmare? SEO when not done right it might take time to recover & equals major loss. But once executed properly, we believe it will mean increased website traffic, an evergreen source of prospects and sales! Yet most prefer organic visibility on search engines because it brings limitless rewards to the business. You know SEO is important but can be time-consuming, so an SEO task out of your hand means more time and focus on converting your prospects to clients. Let us handle your SEO or submit your guest blog post for better results!  We are here to increase your website traffic which will lead to more sales. We'll also save you time in choosing relevant and credible online sites and publications. For non-SEO experts our blogger outreach and guest posting services helps you avoid the guesswork on how to improve your website ranking and become an authority in your online niche.

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